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Battery charger wired up to two sheets of paper to illustrate how Enigma Communications helps enliven business descriptions.

Are your business descriptions flat and in need of a recharge? We’ll take a close look at your operation to see how you’re promoting your products and services

This could be a comprehensive examination of the words and images used in all marketing activities, or just one aspect, such as your website.

Content MOT

Sometimes it pays in business to stand back and let a specialist review your operation – a bit like a mechanic giving your car an MOT to check everything is working properly. Enigma Communications does this with content.

We interview you to gain a fresh perspective on your offering and the problems you solve for customers.  Even the best of companies can underwhelm with clunky descriptions and lacklustre images. 

In such cases the fix is to create slick, persuasive text and eye-catching photographs. It’s all about improving brand perception by adopting a consistently powerful voice which emphasises quality and reliability.

Are you sitting on a good story?

You could be sitting on some newsworthy stories that we could write about and distribute to the media. In our experience firms are constantly missing out on the chance to shout about their achievements because they’re either too busy, or don’t recognise what makes news and how articles need to be slanted.

As greatly experienced media professionals, we know what news editors are looking for and how to profit from that knowledge to get precious exposure for clients. Using our journalistic nous, we generate positive publicity for the companies we work with… time and time again.

Enigma Communications has gained extensive coverage in national, regional and trade newspapers for a variety of businesses. 

The Daily Mail devoted an entire page to one of our stories about a product with important medical benefits. The slot was worth tens of thousands of pounds in terms of advertising space. It appeared online as well and was shared extensively on social media in different countries.

Regular services

Enigma Communications offers a monthly or bi-monthly PR consultation service. We meet the business owner to identify opportunities for promotion and then carry out an agreed action.

Many clients opt for our website news service. This involves producing a regular flow of articles, which can be linked to from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic back to the site.

An added advantage is that we are always alert to any business stories with press potential. We often turn company web news into press releases and distribute them to our widespread media contacts.

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