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No business can thrive under a blanket. Enigma Communications can help get your name out there – and keep your name out there.

We enable our clients to adopt a consistent approach to publicity by reviewing their potential for coverage on a regular basis.

It’s about getting the angle, structure and style of a news story right. It’s also about knowing who to approach and when to approach them. The use of powerful images too can help turn the heads of news editors.

Below are a few examples of our publicity skills.

Securing front page coverage for a valued client

Enigma Communications secured major news coverage for Tamworth Co-operative Society after it provided a headstone for a WW1 soldier who had been buried in an unmarked grave. Enigma’s story and photographs were splashed across the regional press and national trade magazines. 

The article was also published on various websites and shared on social media. It was one of hundreds of stories about the Society that we have gained publicity for in a wide variety of publications during the past few years.

Creating a blaze of national publicity

Our story about David Homer winning the UK’s ‘Gravedigger of the Year’ title at the Good Funeral Awards earned his company, DTH Burial and Churchyard Services, priceless national exposure. 

Enigma lit the touch paper with a brightly angled feature used prominently in the Sunday Express

This was followed immediately by separate versions in regional newspapers including the Leicester Mercury, Burton Mail, Coalville and Ashby Times and the Tamworth Herald.  

It led to front page and double-page features and the publicity snowballed spectacularly. 

As well as making headlines on the websites of the Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Mail, David was interviewed on local/national radio and mentioned in Jeremy Clarkson's popular press column. He also appeared live on BBC’s The One Show - where he brought the house down! The One Show shared the clip on its Facebook page where it has been viewed 32,000 times.


World audience for health story

A new product providing families with long-term health benefits was featured in the Daily Mail newspaper and on its award-winning website. 

The story, written by Phil Shanahan about a new DNA preservation service, prompted strong interest from around the world and was shared more than 450 times on social media.

'Second city' spotlight for specialist training firm

Care First, a specialist training company, wanted a bigger media presence and more recognition for the results it had achieved. 

By linking up with Enigma Communications, the work of Care First was promoted in newspapers in Walsall, Great Barr and Birmingham. This included securing the firm its first news coverage in the second city’s major evening newspaper, the Birmingham Mail

In addition to gaining space in various newspapers, our stories were featured on media websites. Care First specialises in helping adults with behavioural and learning difficulties.

Getting the angle right for medical insurance adviser

Robert Brown asked Enigma Communications to gain publicity for his new WPA franchise in the Derby Evening Telegraph

We discovered Robert had started the franchise in the midst of a recession. 

By angling the story in that way we secured a half-page article in a major regional evening newspaper.

Helping charity get off to a flying start

Enigma Communications handled the launch of a new national stomach cancer charity, resulting in newspaper, magazine and radio exposure. 

Widespread media coverage of Scogg ensured the charity got off to the best possible start. Highlights included a 17-minute slot on BBC Radio, a four-page magazine feature and substantial articles published in various newspapers. 

Scogg was the nickname of a much-loved family man who died of stomach cancer.
Enigma Communications used the human interest angle to attract the attention of newsdesks. The carefully written pitch was read out by a BBC presenter as the introduction to the radio feature.

Eight-page pullout to celebrate landmark anniversary

Enigma Communications created an eight-page souvenir pullout celebrating the Tamworth Co-operative Society’s 125th anniversary. 

The supplement published in the Tamworth Herald reached an audience of more than 70,000 and was packed with historic features, profiles of staff members, Co-op fact boxes and even a quiz. 

It was promoted on the front page of the newspaper, as well as High Street billboards, and was treated by the newspaper as editorial content rather than formal advertising. 

Both newspaper executives and Co-op management were delighted with the results. We also worked with Herald staff on the design.

Avalanche of publicity for weight loss business

Sue Veszpremi, owner of Weight Away, says Enigma Communications is one of the most influential contacts she has ever made during years of networking. 

The former high ranking civil servant turned her life around after seeing a photograph of herself on an American beach where she says she looked like a ‘beached whale.’ 

She lost an astonishing five stones and started a business inspiring others to slim. We wrote a media feature charting Sue’s amazing story which was published across three pages in The Journal magazine. 

This led to an avalanche of national magazine publicity which brought Sue’s new venture to the attention of a vast audience and kick-started her business.

Getting a pet subject in the press

Enigma Communications is the public mouthpiece of the APPCC, an organisation which has been setting international standards for the pet funeral industry for more than 20 years. 

We have helped the association to get its message across in the mainstream media, animal/pet press and on BBC Radio.

Promoting the work of a world-renowned sculptor

Phil Shanahan’s magazine feature on internationally renowned artist Walenty Pytel delighted the talented sculptor. Phil wrote the piece and took several photographs. 

The Enigma Communications’ logo was inspired by Walenty’s sculpture of three anchors which stands in St Editha’s Square, Tamworth. The work was the climax of a publicity campaign led by Phil, which won the three biggest awards in the UK for campaigning regional journalism.

The monument was erected in honour of three men who captured Enigma codebooks from a sinking German U-boat. The action, kept secret for decades after the war, shortened WW2 by at least a year.

Sustained publicity for historic co-operative society

Publicising the Co-op’s Community Dividend Fund in Staffordshire and Derbyshire is just a small part of what we do for this large Midlands business.

Each year Tamworth Co-op hands out thousands of pounds to around 15 community causes in the two counties. The publicity generated by Enigma Communications has ensured a high profile for the independent co-operative in a range of evening and weekly newspapers. 

The stories and pictures, which we have produced about the scheme, have won the Co-op extensive media coverage, including front page headlines. 

The Society has been praised too in editors’ opinion columns for its work in the community. 

Enigma has also been tasked with promoting Tamworth Co-op’s Cash in the Bag initiative which in its first year alone gave away £20,000 to various charities.