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Targeting news space is extremely powerful and cost-effective, but formal advertising still has its place

There are times when you simply need to convey a purely commercial message in the media which has little inherent news value.

You want to know how prominently your message will be displayed in print or online and you don’t want the possibility of it being edited.

On such occasions we often recommend taking out an advertorial. We handle the text, headlines, images and the design.

Added value:

In addition to being used in the media, promotional features can be attached to emails, posted on websites/social media and even printed out to serve as brochures for network meetings. In that way they can be used as part of a long-term marketing plan, helping to win business long after the original advertisement was published.

Below is a selection of advertising features we have created for businesses. When the opportunity arises, our strategy can be to combine news stories and advertorials.

Tamworth Co-op

Two of the many advertorials we have created for Tamworth Co-op.

In some cases, we have also produced news stories on the same subjects by digging out interesting angles.

24-Seven Cooling

Two examples of advertisement features which Enigma Communications produced for 24-Seven Cooling to flag up its expertise, green philosophy and energy-saving refrigeration/air conditioning equipment.

The features appeared in the national Co-operative News magazine.

M&Co and Store

We handled the words and images to publicise two leading clothes retailers moving into Tamworth’s iconic Co-op department store.

In this example, we also successfully combined formal advertising with editorial to add power to the campaign.

Tanya Leslie

This is a half-page promotion for Tanya Leslie, an expert in helping people deal with uncertainty.

The feature was published in The Journal magazine. 


Enigma created all aspects of this advertisement feature, including the photography.

Our client used the wording for his website as well, giving the business extra value.

The feature will also be used in future marketing.

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