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Publicity: Enigma Communications

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Our PR campaigns often combine news articles and advertorials to maximise visibility. The material we provide also enlivens website news sections and social media channels.

News articles and PR campaigns

As Mick Jagger once said, you can’t be successful if nobody knows you exist. So what’s the best way to get noticed?

It depends on the nature of your business and the story you have to tell.

Sometimes targeting news space in the media is the most effective – and cost-effective – way of gaining valuable exposure. As award-winning media professionals, we use our journalistic know-how to make headlines for companies in the trade, regional and national press.

Enigma Communications handles one-off press features, as well as full-blown publicity campaigns.

We identify what is newsworthy, research the material, identify the right angle, write the article in the style of the targeted publication and distribute it to the press.

At other times it makes sense to buy space in the media and showcase your offering in the form of a prominent advertorial. We not only provide the words and images, liaising closely with the client and publisher, but come up with the concept and design too.

Winning media coverage

Advertising has its place, but add a regular presence in the news to your marketing mix and you can dramatically improve your profile.

When you become the subject of the news, the media is effectively endorsing your business and that is exceptionally powerful. You are worthy of attention in your own right which does wonders for your credibility. It’s great news in terms of exposure too as most readers head straight to the editorial pages.

Another advantage is that they don’t see editorial content as a hard sell of your business. So they don’t put up their defences to being sold to. It’s subtle and you will be perceived as the expert in your field.

As trained journalists, photographers and editors, we will dig out your business stories. You might be surprised at how newsworthy you – and your staff – are.

We have the expertise to make an impact for your company. Having worked at senior levels in the media ourselves, we have the inside track and extensive contacts. We know how and when to make an approach.

A newspaper campaign led by Enigma Communication’s Managing Editor Phil Shanahan won the three biggest awards in the UK for campaigning regional journalism. He is well qualified to manage your publicity campaign.

Advertorials that guarantee you reach your target audience

We also specialise in producing advertisements/advertorials to showcase a firm’s services and products to huge audiences of readers. As professional storytellers with extensive commercial experience, we get your message across to your target audience. 

We write the text, the headlines, take the photographs and co-ordinate the design. You will have the satisfaction of knowing exactly when and where it will appear, what will be written about you, how much space it will take up and what it will look like.

An advertorial or a news story can be part of your marketing armoury for months and even years to come. Clients attach them to emails, print them out for networking meetings, display them on websites or frame them for the office wall.

Tamworth Co-operative Society sponsored this page in the national Co-op News magazine to endorse Enigma Communications’ services.
Enigma creates news content for business websites, often gaining added exposure in the press by capitalising on stories with media potential.
We regularly get coverage for companies in the regional, trade and national press.

Web news and content updating service

Enigma Communications offers a web news and content updating service.

We meet clients at set intervals to identify and create stories about their business for website news sections. Frequently we have seen wider potential in these articles and have adapted them to the requirements of the mainstream media, winning thousands of pounds worth of coverage. A regular supply of fresh content on a website is also excellent for search engine optimisation.

In addition, we keep general web pages up to date by ensuring they reflect any changes in the company, such as a new service, product or appointment. This again keeps the site relevant and, when the time comes for a revamp, only the design will need attention.

Defensive PR

What if the news is bad or you’re under attack in the media? Whilst most of our work is geared to positive publicity, we also undertake defensive PR on behalf of businesses. Whatever the situation, we are skilled in minimising the fall-out.

In fact our strategy has often resulted in turning a bad situation on its head and achieving positive publicity for companies.

See Enigma’s publicity portfolio for examples of how we promote UK businesses.

For more information about any of the services offered by Enigma Communications please call us on 07905 346599 or simply hit the button below to send us a message