Phil Shanahan appointed to board of Tamworth Forever Fund


Enigma Communications’ managing editor Phil Shanahan has been appointed to the board of a charity set up to support good causes for generations to come.

The Tamworth Forever Fund is a joint venture between the Tamworth Herald, Tamworth Centre for Voluntary Services, Tamworth Borough Council, Enigma Communications and Staffordshire Community Foundation. The fund aims to create a significant pot of cash which will generate annual grants to community groups in the area.

Phil will be drawing on his campaigning experience to help get the project off the ground. In his former role as deputy editor of the Tamworth Herald, he led a successful campaign to bring three unsung World War Two heroes, including Able Seaman Colin Grazier, to public attention.

The crusade led to the unveiling of a magnificent sculpture in the centre of Tamworth, commemorating the men who helped turn the tide of the war by capturing enemy codebooks from a sinking U-boat.

The campaign also won several awards and came to the attention of the royal family. Phil had the honour of presenting his book about the story, The Real Enigma Heroes, to Prince Charles at Bletchley Park, Churchill’s wartime codebreaking centre.

Commenting on the charity appointment, Herald editor Gary Phelps said: “I worked closely with Phil for many years and his track record speaks for itself. He will certainly help us to turn up the volume and raise the profile of the fund.”

Phil Shanahan said: “I’m delighted to have been appointed to the steering group of this charity and I’m sure Tamworth individuals and businesses will support it.

“The public reaction to the Colin Grazier campaign was nothing short of extraordinary and I’m confident that the local community will also ensure this scheme is a success.

“For my part I would be happy to talk to any local business people to discuss how they could best play a part in this. It would obviously help raise the profile of their business and has certain tax benefits too.

“But best of all is the feel-good factor that comes from helping good causes on your own doorstep.”

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