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Enigma heroes honoured at British Military Tournament

Re-enactment of capture of Enigma codebooks from U-559 during WWII at British Royal Tournament at Earls Court in 2013.

Around 50,000 people, including Prince William and other members of the royal family, watched a spectacular re-enactment of a daring World War Two mission at Earls Court in London. The show opener for the 2013 British Military Tournament was inspired by a campaign, led by Enigma Communications’ managing editor Phil Shanahan, to honour the men…

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Phil Shanahan appointed to board of Tamworth Forever Fund

Phil Shanahan, managing editor of Enigma Communications, outside Hut 8 at Bletchley Park. He opened the hut to the public.

Enigma Communications’ managing editor Phil Shanahan has been appointed to the board of a charity set up to support good causes for generations to come. The Tamworth Forever Fund is a joint venture between the Tamworth Herald, Tamworth Centre for Voluntary Services, Tamworth Borough Council, Enigma Communications and Staffordshire Community Foundation. The fund aims to…

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